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What's New

November 5, 2002:Added a New JP Patent(No.37).
November 5, 2000:Added a New JP Patent(No.36).
November 5, 2000:Added a New JP Patent(No.35).
May 30, 2002:Added a New JP Patent(No.34).
May 30, 2000:Added a New CN Patent(No.33).

June 6, 2001:ADDR Japan WWWBoard.(Japanese)
May 15, 2001:New Domain of Japanese ATP User Group.

November 19, 2000:Arienter.com T-shirt.
July 8, 2000:Added a New USA Patent(No.32).
July 8, 2000:Added a New USA Patent(No.31).
July 8, 2000:Added a New Paper(No.12).

December 11, 1999:Established "ARIENTER.COM".
April 25, 1999:Added a New USA Patent(No.29).
April 25, 1999:Added a New USA Patent(No.28).
April 25, 1999:Added a New USA Patent(No.27).
March 2, 1999:Added a New Paper(No.11).

May 17, 1998:Added a New USA Patent(No.26).
March 11, 1998:Added a New USA Patent(No.25).

October 15, 1997:Establishment of Japanese ATP User Group.
September 6, 1997:Added Figures of R&D papers.
August 8, 1997:Ari-Enterprise WWWBoard.(Pulldown Menu)
July 31, 1997:FRIENDS WWWBoard.

June 28, 1997:Renew Ari-Enterprise Top Page with Frame.
June 22, 1997:Renew Darunee Scholarship Project.
June 1, 1997:Countdoun to the 2000!!
March 11, 1997:Mori Yuu Photo Studio Open!!
February 18, 1997:Linked Detailed USA Patents.
January 19, 1997: Access Logs Analysis(9/12-12/96).
January 18, 1997: Arienter Guest List.
January 12, 1997: Arienter Search Engine.

December 8, 1996:How to make a Home Page.(Arienter)(Japanese Page).
December 14, 1996:ING Japan WWW Board.
November 4, 1996:Added New Guestbook (With CGI).
October 10, 1996:Added FAQ(Frequency Asked Question).
October1, 1996: Established http://www.arienter.com/.
September 1, 1996:"Diary on 19 years old" (Japanese Page).
August 31, 1996:Added New USA Patent(Solid-stata Switch).
July 30, 1996:About Staff (Japanese Page).
July 21, 1996:Added Index.(Used JAVA).
July 20, 1996:Added Hitachi Henjinkai (Japanese Page)
July 17, 1996:Added MIKA Music Museum (Japanese Page).
July 15, 1996:Added Presentation Information (Japanese Page).
July 15, 1996:Added Conference Information (Japanese Page).
July 13, 1996:Added Visitors' BookB
July 13, 1996:Darunee Scholarship Project (Volunteer Activity).

June 22, 1966:Added Visitors' Registration.
June 9, 1996:Added Culture Science (Music) Corner (Japanese Page).
'96 Recital Information
June 2, 1996:Japan Travel diary (Japanese Page)B
May 25, 1996:Updated English Version.
May 19, 1996:Added Patent Information.
May 16, 1996:4 fruit pages available.
May 03, 1996:Start of making Home Page.

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