Darunee Scholarship Project

Darunee Scholarship Project is an international foster parent educational plan to help children in the poorest northeast region of Thailand attend junior high school. Please feel free to ask us for more information.

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10,000 for one year to send children in Thailand to junior high school!

Please donate 10,000 for scholarship in order to let poor children in Thailand go to junior high school. It is going to be its 9th year since Japan People and Culture Exchange Center started Darunee Scholarship Project.
In Darunee Scholarship Project, People donate10,000/year for 3 years so that students can graduate junior high school. Donated scholarship is deposited in bank and used with teacher's approval for tuition, teaching materials, school uniforms, etc. as necessary.
In 1988, the first year of the Project, the number of students on scholarship was 41, but in 1995 it was as many as 12,500. You may think that only 10,000 cannot do much, but in a rural area of Thailand, people's annual income is about 6,000 to 8,000 Thai Baht (1 Thai Baht is about 4). As you can see from this example, 10,000 can really do much. If you care about people of your neighbor country in Asia, please give your attention and cooperation to them.

––––––––––––@For More Information@–––––––––––
Japan People and Culture Exchange Center
Ikeda Bldg. 702, 1-15, Ogawa-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162@
TEL: 03-3269-1880 FAX: 03-3269-8871
PS. I have been participating in the Project since 1990. If you have already been participating or have an interest in it, please e-mail me and I will e-mail back to you more information.@

The following are a part of inquiries made to me from June 19 to 23, 1995. Some telephoned and some inquired directly to the Center. I would like to extend my gratitude to those who send me the e-mails.

œI would like to participate. I faxed my inquiry to the Center.
œI looked at your e-mail and felt empathy. Please inform me how to donate for scholarship "to help children in Thailand attend junior high school". I did not know about such a wonderful activity. You might receive a lot of responses, but please keep up a good work.
œI have heard of it from you before, but I was sleeping on it because I was busy. Now I have a child and can understand its importance. I will be busy this week, so I will start an action from the next week. Please let me know how to send money.
œI e-mailed to you today about "scholarship for children in Thailand". I have travelled in Thailand twice, and I wonder what I can do for it. Please let me know the details.
œHello. I would like to participate. Please send me the information materials.
œHow do you do? I feel empathy with the idea of your organization. Please show the details later. I heard (from newspaper and others) that Japanese manufacturers invest a lot of money in Thailand in the recent years, and never had an image of a 'poor country'. By the way, is Japan People and Culture Exchange Center engaged in similar activity in countries other than Thailand?

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