Development of 500 kVar Class Thyristor Controlled Series Compensator

Transactions of IEE Japan, Vol. 119-B, No. 2, pp.179-184, Feburary 1999

@ A thyristor-controlled series compensator (TCSC) can stabilize a power system by controlling line impedance. In the future, it is expected to provide a scheme for dealing with stability problems. However, detailed reports about experimental behavior and hardware design of the TCSC are lacking regarding such fundamental points in practical use. Therefore, first, various TCSC hardware specifications are studied and a 500 kVar class TCSC prototype is developed from the viewpoint of adopting the TCSC in trunk power systems. Its current rating is 500 Arms, which is about one-tenth the maximum current of the TCSC designing studies.
@ This paper deals with the necessary hard components for the TCSC, and in particular, specifications of the series capacitor, the configuration of the thyrister stack and the design of the protection-controlled units. Furthermore, the effectiveness of the thyristor control is evaluated by experiments. The TCSC is shown to be a useful power flow control device for large, high power transmission systems.

Hiroshi Arita (Power & Industrial Systems R & D Division, Hitachi Ltd.)
Junzo Kida (Kokubu Works, Hitachi Ltd.)
Masahiro Watanabe, (Hitachi Research Laboratory, Hitachi Ltd.)
Tokio Yamagiwa (Kokubu Works, Hitachi Ltd.)
Junichi Makino (Head Office, Hitachi, Ltd.)

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