Principle and Characteristics of a Fault Current Limiter with Series Compensation

IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, Vol. 11, No. 2, pp.842-847, April 1996

A fault current limiter with series compensation, which is composed of a compensation capacitor and a limiting reactor in series, is proposed. A solid-state switch connectedin parallel with the capacitor controls either the ordinal series compensation or faultcurrent limitation. A feasibility study of the current limiter by simulation analysis ispresented and the effectiveness of the current limiter is evaluated from the viewpoints oftransient stability improvement and device capacity. The current limiter is a usefulprotection device for large, high power transmission systems.

Shigeyuki Sugimoto (Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc)
Junzou Kida (Power & Industrial Systems R & D Division, Hitachi Ltd.)
Hiroshi Arita (Power & Industrial Systems R & D Division, Hitachi Ltd.)
Chihiro Fukui (Hitachi Research Laboratory, Hitachi Ltd.)
Tokio Yamagiwa (Kokubu Works, Hitachi Ltd.)

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