Fault Current Limiting System for 500 kV Power Systems

Transactions of IEE Japan, Vol. 117-B, No. 10, pp.1403-1410, October 1997

Recently, expansion in the scale of power systems and development of the localizedpower sources are leading to an increase in fault current of 500kV systems. In future,it is quite likely that the fault current at the interconnection of such power systems may exceed the rated short-time current of existing electric power facilities. As one ofthe solutions to this problem, a thyristor controlled series resonant type fault currentlimiter (FCL) is proposed to restrain the fault current. This paper deals with the FCL system configuration, the placement method of the FCL in power system, the outline of the FCL's specification and the operation method of the protective relay in the multi-machinesystem. Finally, the effectiveness of the FCL is evaluated from the viewpoints of limitingthe fault current by simulation analysis. The FCL is shown to be a useful protection devicefor large, high capacity power systems.

Shigeyuki Sugimoto (Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc)
Junzou Kida (Kokubu Works, Hitachi Ltd.)
Hiroshi Arita (Power & Industrial Systems R & D Division, Hitachi Ltd.)
Chihiro Fukui (Hitachi Research Laboratory, Hitachi Ltd.)
Tokio Yamagiwa (Kokubu Works, Hitachi Ltd.)
Yoshihiro Murai (Gifu University)

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